Apply For A Green Card While In The US?

Except for the time when the pandemic disrupted our lives hard, the US used to welcome over 1 million international students a year. Even, during 2020/21 and 2021/22, over 900,000 international students came to the US to pursue their academic goals. Many of these international students wish to find a job and stay longer in the US even after they finish their study. However, unlike multiple pathways Canada offers, it is not easy for international graduates in the US to apply for a Green Card.

Hence, it is quite common we are contacted by these international students in the US and asked “I am currently in the US as an international student, but would like to live in the US permanently. Can I apply for a Green Card without leaving the country?”

The US EB3 – Other Workers program can be an option you can consider. You don’t need to have any degree, prior work experience or certain level of language abilities. Further, it is possible to change your legal status from a visitor or a student to a lawful permanent resident within the US, which means you don’t need to leave the US while waiting for your Green Card.

This process involves the following steps:

  1. Find an US employer that is willing to support your permanent residence.
  2. Your employer will have your job offer certified.
  3. Your employer files for an immigration petition (I-140) for you.
  4. You submit an Application to Adjust Status (I-485).
  5. Obtain your Green Card.

Once the I-140 petition is approved, you can obtain Employment Authorization from USCIS by submitting an Application for Employment Authorization (I-765). This way, you can legally remain in the US and start working for your US employer immediately while your Green Card is being processed.

If you are currently in the US nearing the end of your study but haven’t figured out a way to immigrate to the US, we are here to help you. Contact us for a free assessment.


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