Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy Services

Our Business Consultancy Services can be provided to applicants whom are applying for entrepreneur immigration programs.

A.     Legal Set-up

·         Business name search and reservation

·         Business registration

·         Incorporation of a BC limited company

·         Canada Revenue Agency Business Number

·         Canada Revenue Agency Corporation Income Tax Account

·         Canada Revenue Agency GST/HST Account (if applicable)

·         Annual report filing for the first year

·         Mailing address for one year

B.      Operations Set-up

·         Canadian business chequing bank account

·         Accounting system for the first year

·         Bookkeeping services for the first year

·         Quarterly financial statements for the first year

·         Corporate tax return filing for the first year

·         Note: Extra charge if annual business revenue or expense exceeds $30,000

C.      Physical Office Set-up

·         Purchase or lease options

·         Terms negotiation with realtors or landlords

·         Commercial insurance policy procurement

·         Furniture and standard office devices procurement

·         Directory display at the office building entrance

·         Signage on the office door

D.     Marketing Set-up

·         Web domain search and registration for the first year

·         Web hosting registration for the first year

·         Business email system with unlimited email addresses for the first year

·         Standard business website

·         Social media channels

E.      Human Resources Set-up

·         Job posting

·         Screening and interview

·         Hiring and onboarding

·         Payroll system for the first year

·         Canada Revenue Agency Payroll Deductions Account

·         Source deductions payment or remittance

·         Note: Extra charge if more than 3 employees

F.      Business Coaching

·         Executive coaching for the first year

·         Employee training for the first year

·         Team building for the first year

·         Note: Extra charge if more than 3 employees

G.     Business Planning

·         Business plan or Expansion Plan

·         Three-year financial forecast with pro forma financial statements

H.     Design

·         Business logo

·         Letterhead

·         Business card

I.        Demo

·         Product wireframe

·         Product prototype

·         Pitch deck